CNY Division M.O.W. Award

Congratulations to our 2019 MOW Service Award Recipient

Bob Verkuyl

The MOW (Maintenance Of Way) Service Award, instituted in 2001, is presented each year to any division member who has demonstrated Exemplary Service to our Central New York Division, in any way, past or present. The award itself is held by the recipient for the year term in which it is given, until awarded the following year to a new winner. Each recipient, nominated by any division member, then chosen from the nominations by the MOW Award Committee) becomes a life member of said award committee, and is no longer eligible to receive the award a second time. The award was instituted so as to recognize those members who have given of themselves to our Division for the benefit of the entire membership.

Previous Recipients:

2001 Edward C. Scott

2002 James K. Heidt

2003 Bill Brown

2004 George “Scooter” Youst

2005 Bill Fredlund

2006 Bill Bender

2007 Brian Curry

2008 Ed Olszewski

2009 Bernie Watkins

2010 Martin Collard

2011 Linda Bender

2012 Dave Martini   Ken Cameron

2013 Ralph Hodson

2014 - Not Awarded

2015 Ed O’Rourke

2016 Charlie Albee

2017 Len Amrhein

2018 Roger Beiswenger

2019 Bob Verkuyl

The Annual MOW Service Award guidelines for the selection of winners are as follows:

1.) The annual MOW Service Award Committee has been established and consists of past recipients. They shall be responsible for determining the winner of the award each year.

2.) The committee will be chaired each year by the previous year's recipient, with any additional help as (or if) necessary from volunteer executive officers of the division.

3.) A majority decision must be made by a minimum of three committee members prior to the presentation of the award at the annual mid-summer division (picnic) meeting.

4.) The recipient shall be chosen from the membership of the Central New York Division (#10).

5.) The presentation of the award may be made by A.) the previous year's winner, B.) any of the members of the award committee, or C.) the current division officer presiding at the mid-summer/picnic meeting; (in attendance).

6.) All division members are encouraged to make nominations for this award during the first three months of every year, from January 1st through March 31st or the Division meeting closest to March 31st. This may be done by postal mail or in person to the current Superintendent, or to any past award recipient (member of the MOW Award Committee), or by email to Committee Chair Ed Olszewski (your E-mail must include a contact telephone number so the committee can call and verify the nomination if necessary). Submit your choice from among the division membership, along with your reason(s) for the nomination and place in an envelope, along with your name as the nominator. (see NOTE below)

7.) The Superintendent will oversee the process and coordinate any meetings of the MOW Award Committee, but will not take part in a vote unless: A) The current Superintendent is a past winner of the MOW Award and already a member of the Committee, B) Only two committee members are available at the time of the decision, C) If rendering a proxy or, D) If the committee's decision is ever evenly split.

8.) It will be necessary for all past recipients to take part in the process with a majority decision. However, if such duties are taxing due to job or family obligations, other responsibilities, health or any limiting situation, the vote may be cast by proxy. All proxies must be signed by the committee member, passing said vote to any current Division #10 Officer.

9.) If it should occur that any person nominated is a current Division #10 officer and otherwise eligible to serve (if necessary) on the MOW Award Committee, that nomination shall release them from such voting service and/or duties. Therefore: No current nominee shall serve on the MOW Award Committee during the time of nomination and voting. (January through August) Only those officers, free of any current nomination, shall be considered for such duty, if and when needed.

*NOTE: Once any Division member has been nominated and that nomination is validated, any further nominations received after that for the same person shall be considered extraneous. The MOW Award Committee shall not interpret multiple nominations for any one individual as votes, popular or otherwise. All award recipients are judged solely on and by the merits listed above.

*Validation requires that both the nominator and nominee be Division #10 members in good standing and that any contact by E-mail or post to the Committee (for the purpose of proposing a MOW Award candidate) can be verified by phone or in person, if deemed necessary.